Journey to Sisterlocks… begins.

When I first begin talking about something with others, it does not constitute the first thought I’ve had about the subject. As I strive to adapt a less restrictive lifestyle, the thought of going natural has cross my mind many, many times. The restrictive qualities of relaxed hair comes to mind immediately when I think of three things: exercising, swimming, and rain.

I would love to exercise more than once a week. I actually enjoy running. But to do so would mean that I would run the risk of sweating out my hair. I’ve always learned through trial and error that my hair does not take well to washing more than once a week.
And then swimming. There were two opportunities for me to swim this summer. But I didn’t. I went to a fabulous pool party but I didn’t swim because I had just gotten my hair done. Of course, the tiniest splash of water… read: disaster.
And Water Country next weekend… I’m not looking forward to the damage control on my hair that I will need to do when I return that night.
And, of Mother Nature. The rain. How many time have I left the salon (or even did my hair at home) to discover it’s raining outside? Any how quickly my hair does frizz up. A waste of time. A waste of money.
It’s funny. I know people think women relax their hair so that they can have hair like white people… but actually, in a sense, I want sisterlocks for that same reason.
I want:
* manageability
* versatility
* freedom
I understand once my hair is locked it will not have that sleek, straight, fresh-out-a-wrap look. But I’m okay with that. I actually equate it to women with 3c-ish and lower type hair who can tussle and go in the morning.
With sisterlocks, I can…
* wear my hair up
* wear my hair down
* rollerset it
* do braid or twist outs
* swim, exercise, or stand in the rain!
And best of all… I don’t have to spend hours of hours of time each week just to get mediocre looking hair.
My goal is to have sisterlocks by Janaury 2010. It will be a huge investment initially… but then $75-ish every 6 weeks or so to maintain (until I learn to retighten them myself!).
Over the next 2-4 weeks, I will cut my hair so that it is just past my collarbone. Apparently, a good trim/cut is necessary.
Throughout the Summer, I will continue to rollerset my hair weekly as usual… until it becomes unbearable to manage (about early Fall) and I will look into transitioning styles such as braidouts, etc.
I will not put extensions in my hair… or weave. But who knows… maybe I’ll wear a wig?! Yea, I don’t know about that. I bought one that I have never worn! I will invest in some cute headbands to cover the frizzies. It’ll be an interesting fall… Thank goodness

I’ll be busy.

The picture below is not the greatest hair status pic. It’s actually a picture of me struggling to use skip it. It was taken about two weeks ago and as you can see, the longest point of my hair is almost down to where my tank top starts (in between armpit and brastrap, I guess).

Hopefully by the end of the year, I will have accumulate about 2 inches of new growth so I can get the sisterlocks party started in January 2010!

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