2008 in review: January-May

I wanted to wait until week 5 before I began flat-ironing but the roots were getting to be like whoa.

I haven’t worn my hair straight since I got a relaxer at the salon. I love how full my hair looks! And I think I’m definitely getting some length… sweet!

Yesterday, I believe I did the best rollerset ever. I started from the middle of my head and did two rows down from the center and then rolled the back sides. For the front third of my head, I did a single mohawk in the center up until the middle point. I think I was finally able to use as many rollers as are used when my hair is rolled at the salon.

Oh and I have pictures!

Of the rollerset:

The back… two rows of down the back middle instead of one.
The front… a single row of rollers down the front center.
The rest of the rollers rolled to the side.

Okay, there are some comparison shots to visualize my progress
Picture #1 & 2… Taken on January 13-14, 2008 (khaki jacket (back of head) and voluminous curls, khaki tank top). My hair is really long! The longest tips is at BSL. But my hair is in layers and the ends are really thin. Look at how flat my hair looks. The second picture is the post-blowdrying roots/pre-saran wrap treatment shot. I like this pic because my hair is flowy but my hair looks much thinner here than in the May shots.
Picture #3… Taken on March 29, 2008 (black jacket-doe in headlight look). A few days after my cut/trim. I thought my hair was so short. I didn’t take a pic of the back but I got my layers chopped off so my hair is pretty much an inch past shoulder length.
Picture #4 & 5… Taken on May 25, 2008. I just finished flat-ironing the roots (tattoo, and other pic). Look at how thick my hair is! And, I’m gaining the length back for sure! When my hair is combed straight, it reached the midd-point of my tattoo.
I am definitely seeing improvement in the thickest of my hair and I am excited that I am gaining my length back!



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